Minutes RNA-Seq Analysis group (2014-06-24 15:00-16:00)

  • Peter-Bram 't Hoen (LUMC) (Chair)
  • Jeroen van Rooij (EMC) (Minutes)
  • Martijn Vermaat (LUMC)
  • Maarten van Iterson (LUMC)
  • Lude Franke (UMCG)
  • Dasha Zhenarkova (UMCG)
  • Patrick Deelen (UMCG)
  • Freerk van Dijk (UMCG)

Data Production

Now more than 4000 samples sequenced, are being uploaded to grid. (Jeroen)

Processing Through Pipeline

Some NTR samples didn't pass through pipeline (Maarten)


Dasha emailed an update on the eQTL analysis on GEUVADIS data (replicating BIOS hits, 34% replicated (9% opposite effect)) Might be that the non-replicated eQTLs are those that are lowly expressed. We also discussed looking into the opposite allelic effects, this will be followed up.

Round of updates

Lude attended a Gtex meeting, papers not yet submitted, will be done soon. There were no very unexpected results or analysis presented. Dasha transferred NTR genotyes to VM, available there now.

PolyA QTL mapping on GEUVADIS dataset, results available on VM, might be rerun with different settings based on BIOS dataset.

Exon-Ratio QTLs was run by Martijn, gather some descriptive statistics.

Next call, July 1st at 3pm hosted by Michiel

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