BIOS Forum

We will be using the Biostars forum to answer any of your questions concerning the BIOS datasets. When using the correct tags during creation of your post there, we can easily see it.

Please keep in mind that Biostars is a public forum and that any posts you make will be visible on the main page. As such, don't post any large snippets of data and makes sure that any IDs and paths are censored.

When posting your question, please include the following tag:

  • bbmri-nl-bios

Please also include in your title the following:

  • [bbmri-nl-bios]
  • start with the dataset in question, so Genotypes, Phenotypes, RNA-Seq or Methylation.
  • Example: "[bbmri-nl-bios] Genotypes How can I find HRC imputation qualities?"

Any questions posted this way will appear on

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