Storage in the cloud

We have limited space in the cloud available for analysis and storage.

Home folders

The /home/ folder on each VM has very limited disk space and should not hold any data or output.

We have a 2GB soft disk quota limit and 3GB hard disk quota limit per user.

The root system is only backed up irregularly, do not rely on this and please backup your own files from your home folder. More on backup of the virdir can be read at the bottom of this page.


We have 5TB of shared space available. This disk is mounted as the /virdir/ folder and can be accessed from every VMs.



Please make a folder with your username in /virdir/scratch/ for your data and analysis. For your convenience some data available on the SRM is downloaded to this folder already.



Data in the backup folder will be backed up roughly every month.

WWW export


This directory is exposed over HTTP to the internet at the root of the virtual machine. This means the contents of this directory can be accessed over the internet by prefixing their filenames with

The primary purpose of this is for storing custom tracks for the UCSC Genome Browser.

Please note that no privacy sensitive data should be stored here, as it will be world-readable.

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